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To Break a Spell You Have Cast



*There are times when we have cast a spell that we should not have done, either because we have not thought it through or because we have reacted in anger and later realize that it was inappropriate. Then we are honour bound to undo it. This spell is representational and the best time to do this is after midnight at the time of the Waning Moon*


• As many white candles as you feel is appropriate. 
• Purifying incense (such as sage or rosemary). 
• Rosemary oil. 
• Angelica or rosemary herbs. 
• A bead from a necklace you own - clear if possible (you could use a much loved piece of jewelry or crystal if you don’t own a necklace). 
• Small square of black cloth and some black thread (or small black drawstring bag).


  1. Anoint your candles with the rosemary oil.
  2. Light the incense and let it burn for a few moments to raise the atmosphere. 
  3. Light your candles and as you do so, think very carefully as to why you cast the first spell, what it has caused, and why you wish it removed. 
  4. Then say:
    "Great Mother, I ask a 
    favor of you On [date] I cast a spell to [insert type of spell] I now ask for it to be removed and rendered harmless. May it have no further power or gain.”
  5. Place the bead or jewelry and the herbs on the black cloth and say: "Here I make sacrifice to you knowing that I must relinquish this object as token of my good intentions."
  6. Knot the cord around the cloth (or tie the bag), saying as you do:
    "I transfer the power of the spell to this object and enclose it within its own darkness So be it."  Tie the cloth/bag tightly.
  7. Seal the knots by dripping wax from one of the candles on them. 
  8. Take the bag as far away as you can and bury it. If the spell you are undoing was done in anger, fear, jealousy, etc. then as you bury it, say: "Begone anger, begone fear, begone jealousy (etc)."
    It is done. You can let the candles burn down completely or bury them with the bag.

-You should find that you have got rid of any negativity you may have felt. Insofar as you have given up something which belongs to you, you have cleared yourself of the law of cause and effect and of any spiritual difficulty as a result of your initial action. 
-B.D: If the spell you are trying to undo has been cast on an object, you don’t need to do this. All you have to do is destroy the object. Take it apart, burn it, bury it, etc. If you believe in karma, then you may perform this spell in hopes that it will reverse what you have done. But once you have destroyed the object, the spell will be broken.


Spell To Be Rid Of Negativity



*This spell, if properly applied, will dispel negativity, break curses, and add protection - and so is essential for sensitive Witches*


  • 1 Green candle
  • Real or fake ivy
  • A green fruit such as pear or apple
  • A bell


  1. Cut the fruit in four pieces. Arrange the ivy around the candle. Place the slices of fruit in the four directions. Light the candle.
  2. Ring the bell, and allow it to resonate. Face north and chant:
    "By the powers of the northern light, 
    I break any negativity in my life.”
  3. Ring the bell again. Face south, and say:
    "By the powers of the southern side, strong I am. 
    Let my powers rise.”
  4. Ring the bell. Face east, saying:
    "By the powers of the eastern Sun, 
    I face my fears and watch them run.”
  5. Ring the bell one last time. Face west, and say:
    "By the powers of the western night, 
    I break any curse. It takes flight.”
  6. Snuff out the candle and eat the fruit.