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vibrant chamomile and red clover.



Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey [2073x3110]


plant pillars and stone pillars

My body, my choice. Mine. Alone.




My, mine, me, me, me. You are such an inspiring human being.

You know what? It is my body. So if not wanting to throw away nine months of my life for a child that isn’t wanted, that can’t even feel pain nor is self aware, then yes. I’m fucking selfish. And I believe that every woman has the right to be “selfish”. And you have no right to speak for anyone with a uterus nor do you have any right to “speak for” a completely non self aware fetus or embryo to cause emotional manipulation.

Cultureshift complaining about people being selfish because he wants everyone to suffer for his love affair with fetuses. Irony? 


Rainbow Smoothie Bowl 
Blueberry nana ice cream topped with fresh organic fruits, dried mulberries and cacao nibs! Tastes like heaven in every bite, I never wanted this end!!!


Turkey tail

(Trametes versicolor)

August, 2014